A woman in black dress standing on top of a hill.
A man and woman posing for a picture in front of a jungle.

Our Authentic Polynesian Show  is one hour long and showcases mesmerizing Hawaiian and Tahitian dances.

The skilled musician will enchant the audience with the rhythmic beats of Tahitian drums and ukulele, singing in Hawaiian, Tahitian and English.

A professional sound system will be provided by Hula Carolina Entertainment for the performance.

Please note that for both indoor and outdoor performances, lighting is not included.

During the show, there will be multiple costume changes, provided that the dressing room is located within a one-minute walk to the performance area.

In cases where this proximity is not possible, slight modifications to the costumes will be made accordingly.

During the Polynesian Show  we will include one hula lesson and later host a lively contest for the men to see

“Who Can Shake It The Best” to the live Tahitian drums. (It’s a lot of fun)

By request, we can arrange a traditional Lei Greeting  that will feature our warm and friendly hula dancers in authentic costumes.

Accompanied by an ukulele player singing traditional Hawaiian songs in Hawaiian language and English.

Please note that we do not purchase or provide the lei, but we will be more than happy to distribute any lei you provide to your arriving guests.

We also offer Photo Booth services that your guests would surely enjoy taking pics, gifs and boomerangs with our dancers during lei greeting then instantly text them to your phone and social media.

If you would like to enhance your event even further, we offer the option of adding an exciting  Fire Show.

This captivating performance will be presented by our talented cast members immediately following the one hour-hour Polynesian Show.

Prepare to be amazed as they skillfully manipulate a wide variety of fire props, including fire poi balls, fire ropes, dragon staff, fire belts, fire staffs, fire fans and much much more!

It’s a spectacle you won’t want to miss.

To secure your desired date, a nonrefundable deposit equal to half of the total amount is required.

The remaining balance will be due no later than the event date.

We kindly request that you meet the following additional requirements when making a booking.

One private dressing room equipped with an adequate number of chairs, tables, and well-functioning lights to accommodate all the staff members.

Bathrooms are unacceptable.

We kindly request you provide food trays/meals and one case of bottled water for the staff members placed in the dressing room one hour prior to the starting time.

Access to the performance area at least 4 hours prior to event starting time for set up.

We require that you provide one dedicated electrical source placed at the center of the performance area, made available at least 4 hours prior to the starting time.

For outdoor performances, it is essential that the musician is provided with adequate protection from the rain or unexpected inclement weather conditions of any kind. This can be achieved by ensuring the presence of a sturdy tent or a structural roof overhang that effectively prevents any accumulation of rainwater.

To ensure the safety of all attendees, any occurrence of rain, thunder, or lightning during an outdoor performance may result in a brief pause or immediate closure of the show.
In such cases, the remaining balance will still be due.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate rain date rescheduling.

The dance floor should prioritize safety and comfort for bare feet, ensuring that extreme temperatures and any debris are eliminated.

It is important to maintain an environment where the dancers can freely move without the risk of encountering hot or cold surfaces, as well as any potential hazards caused by debris.

Exact pricing will be made available to you after a completed contact form has been received.

“Please note that cancellations are not eligible for a refund of the deposit, and they do not exempt you from making the balance payment.

Exceptions to this policy will only be considered in the event of a civil or government-imposed order”

Turn your event into a tropical memory with Hula Carolina Entertainment